*Within each class options will be given, to support a gentle or tougher class.


Vinyasa Yoga

Guided Gently

Vinyasa yoga is a form of continuous movement. It encourages the entire body to flow and stretch. Open to all abilities, this class is great if you require a comfortable stretch.


Meditation Sessions

Calm and Collected

Meditation is a form of relaxation and a way to focus the mind away from the distractions in our daily lives. Within meditation classes we emphasise the importance of a calm environment and find a method of meditation that suits our individual peace of mind.


Ashtanga Yoga

Fast and Fiery

Ashtanga yoga is a more traditional form of yoga. It is based on a series of yoga postures that if practised regularly can enhance your fitness and stamina. It is known as a hot form of yoga as it can get the heart racing.

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