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Strength, Flexibility & Balance

As a Yoga teacher, I endeavour to make my students feel comfortable at any level and encourage mindfulness and well-being. I live and teach in Cheshire. I am an enthusiastic vinyasa and ashtanga yoga teacher who enjoys delivering positive and relaxing yoga.

Whilst working in the legal profession I found yoga to be a great form of exercise alongside a regular gym routine. Hot yoga, similar to ashtanga yoga was fast and helped build my strength and stamina. Subsequently I tried vinyasa and yin yoga which were slower and calmer, and allowed me to enjoy my practice much more as I progressed my physical flexibility and balance. Within the last few years I have practised traditional and modern meditation methods. Meditation has allowed me to acquire internal balance and enhance my concentration and focus.

Practising yoga and meditation has had a positive impact on my life. I want to help others improve their mobility and encourage inner peace.


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